Norma Butler Bossard

Elementary School

"...placing a book in every child's hand"


Upcoming Events

11/25 Thanksgiving Luncheon Grs. 3-5

11/25 Picture Retake Day

11/25 Field Trip- Gr. 4 (Selected Classes)

11/25 Thanksgiving Luncheon Grs. PreK-2

11/27-11/28 No School

12/1 PTA Sports T-Shirt Day

12/1 Field Trip- Gr. 4 (Selected Classes)

12/1-12/17 Toy Drive

12/2 PTA Super Hero T-Shirt Day

12/3 PTA Western Day

12/3 Field Trip- Gr. 4 (Selected Classes)

12/4 PTA Holiday Hat Day

12/4 AfterSchool Care Dance Show 6:30 PM

12/4 PTA Holiday Pictures

12/4 PTA Dress-Up Day

12/4 PTA Holiday Pictures

12/10 Holiday Show 6:30 PM

12/11 EESAC Meeting

12/11 Field Day Gr. 5

12/11 Holiday Show Grs. PreK, K

12/12 Field Day Gr. 4

12/12 Holiday Show Gr. 1

12/15 Field Day Gr. 3

12/15 Holiday Show Gr. 2

12/16 Field Day Gr. 2

12/16 Holiday Show Gr. 3

12/17 Field Day Gr. 1

12/17 Holiday Show Gr. 4

12/18 Field Day Grs. PreK, K

12/18 Holiday Show Gr. 5

12/18 Field Trip Gr. 4 (Selected Classes)

12/19 Classroom Celebrations

12/19 PTA Pajama Day

12/22-1/4 Winter Recess

1/5 School Resumes

We are proud to announce our PTA will be purchasing a marquee for our school. Construction will be forthcoming.


The following staff members are top agents of change:

Ms. L. Hernandez, Ms. Fajardo, and Ms. Hobby


Parents please take advantage of the free breakfast for students in the cafeteria. Let's give our students a great start to their day.

In accordance with the provisions of Section IV of the Child Nutrition Act, a breakfast program has been initiated to improve the nutrition and dietary practices of the children attending school. Schools provide breakfast in accordance with the menu published by the Department of Food and Nutrition. These menus meet the following standards:

  • Reimbursable Breakfast - Four Components
    Milk.................................................. 1/2 Pint
    Juice/Fruit/Vegetable.......................... 1/2 Cup
    Bread or Bread Alternate...................... 2 Servings OR
    Meat Alternate............................... 2 Servings
  • OR Bread/Alternate and Meat/Alternate... 1 Serving Each

Offer Versus Serve - Breakfast - Three Out Of Four Students are allowed to refuse any one (1) food item that they do not intend to eat. Students may choose two (2) bread or two (2) meat items as part of the breakfast. Students may not choose two (2) milk or two (2) juice/fruit/vegetable components as part of the breakfast




School Hours:

PreK, Kindergarten, and First Grade 8:20 AM-1:50 PM

Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades 8:35 AM-3:05 PM (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades 8:35 AM-1:50 PM Wednesday



15950 Southwest 144th Street - Miami, Florida 33196 - 305.254.5200